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87 GT Viper Blue 5 speed GETRAG transmission.

Car is a "Fly in Drive out" type car. I will pick you up at DFW or SouthWest airlines airport.

Key Features:

The BAD!

THE Better Now!



Description SKU # Price
option 1 as is where is with above description in mind sku-1 $3000
option 2 with 18" show tires and wheels (100 miles on them) sku-2 $5500
option 3 1998 3800 SuperCharged engine installed turnkey sku-3 $11,900



Interior with Sparco wheel, 10 inch console sub 87gtviper3a.jpg (16396 bytes)87gtviper4a.jpg (13154 bytes)

These are the 18" show tires and wheels 87gtviper6a.jpg (31277 bytes) requires coilover struts installed also. Quoted in price above.

Buildup 05-01-03
I removed the powertrain to just install a flywheel and clutch unit. However, the engine was a GM crate long block. Whoever put the oil pan, intake, and other items on this motor had no idea how to assemble an engine right. I tore the whole engine down to the long block, cleaned the surfaces, and reassembled the engine myself. ZERO oil leaks now in 200 miles. Oil pressure is 45-60 PSI. I also do not reuse items that fall under fair wear and tear, so I installed a new timing chain and 2 gear set. New water pump since it was easy. The previous owner indicated about 25k, but as clean and nice as the cylinder walls are on this engine, I would be surprised if it really has 15k.

Here is pics of the remove and install.87 GT 007.jpg (63715 bytes)87 GT 008.jpg (75094 bytes)

Heres how clean this engine is inside. Looks like a 25k engine should.87 GT 010.jpg (79722 bytes)

Heres the new timing chain and gear set I installed. 87 GT 013.jpg (62218 bytes)

Heres the new flywheel, clutch plate and disc installed. 87 GT 016.jpg (71535 bytes)

Here it is all painted and rewired properly. 87 GT 017.jpg (70433 bytes)

Going back in the car. 87 GT 019.jpg (62185 bytes)