3800 V6 SuperCharged 2004 L32 8k miles- $6000 



3800 V6 SuperCharged 0k - $2200

SOLD to David in NE

2.8 V6 Fiero engine from a 88 Formula to John in GA

3800 V6 SuperCharged 14K TRANSMISSION - $1050 (sold pending payment 08-01-04)

SOLD to Bob in Texas (going on a LS1 in a Fiero)

NorthStar V8 from 88 Formula (Project engine)

SOLD to Will in Texas

LS1 V8 from Corvette (Project engine)

LS1 V8 from Camaro (Project engine)

SOLD corvette engine to Ed in Wisconsin    07/04
SOLD Camaro engine to Tom in Texas (LS1 going in a Pontiac Grand Prix) 10/04

Sold 3800SC engine to Mark in Texas 12/04

3800 V6 SuperCharged 2004 L32 6k miles- $6000  (pending removal)


3800 V6 SuperCharged 1 mile TRANSMISSION - (used in project above)