Matt Jackson 88 Formula 5 speed getting a nice 2000 3800 SuperCharged engine ( turnkey install ). Matt lives in Idaho. I picked his car up via truck and trailer.

AVI file of sound of 3800SC manual transmission shifting only 3 gears <CLICK HERE>

AVI of sound 35 - 100 MPH in a 3800SC car < CLICK HERE >

AVI with sound and video Matt shot in his driveway. This engine sounds sweet. < CLICK HERE >

My newest T-Stat housing which has outlet for heater core. McLeod cinder iron disk and McLeod pressure plate. Rated to 500 HP.

Cradle repair work. The 88's crack real bad. I weld the cracks, then support them from under the cradle when installing the new mounts. The new mounts are also much thicker and do not flex.


Cradle reworked for 2.5 inch exhaust pipe. The cradle mounting area was also reworked for the new poly mount.

Engine and 5 speed GETRAG ready for wiring and exhuast.

Insulation removed and getting ready for paint.

Exhaust with 3 inch mandle bends, PRJ fuel rails, low mount alt with belts on.

Starting the wiring harness project

Exhaust, more modifications. The FlowMaster is the 80 Series. 42538 (I think). It was too long. Cutting one end did not require internal modifications. I cut out 2 inches. It is now more like the Fiero stock muffler.

Setting it in place and mandle 90 degree bends cut and welded to the stock configuration. This is very time consuming.

The engine bay painted, but not completely done. The shift cables will get wraped, the 5/8 heater hose gets replaced, and some more touch up painting.

Engine finally installed and the fuel lines installed.

Exhaust work. 3 inch downpipe to CAT in. 2.5 CAT out to tips.

Closer to done. Drove car 30 miles to this point.

In the daylight and washed. Nicely dressed for the customer. 75 flawless miles to this point. Tooo much rain to be able to test much except traction control on my part :)

HIGH resolution pics. Warning to 56k users.

Some will ask why I documented this car so well. Its the first time I have had high speed wireless and could enjoy uploading large picture files.

UPDATE 06-14-04

Delivered car back to Matt. I enjoyed 275 flawless miles before delivering the car to him. He has since reported 200 plus miles with no problems.