4T65E Transaxle Conditions

Owners of 2003 vehicles equipped with the 4T65E automatic transaxle (RPO MN3, MN7, M15, and M76) may experience harsh shift, TCC shudder during decel, TCC applied in 2nd gear, and DTC P0742. This may be caused by an internal failure of the PWM solenoid.

Determine the date code, located on the electrical connector. Replace the solenoid if the date is between 2217 and 2240. The suspect solenoid leaks between the O-rings, shown (fig. 14).

A – Date Code
B – Leak (stub arrows to o-rings)

Transmissions with build dates before date code 254 (stamped on upper right side of transmission tag) are considered to contain the suspect PWM solenoids.

To determine if the solenoid is the cause of the conditions, test drive the vehicle with the Tech 2 connected and monitor Transmission Release Pressure. The status should be YES until TCC applies, then the display should read NO.

Suspect the PWM solenoid if the status remains NO during accel, the upshifts are harsh, and the vehicle shudders during downshifts during decel.

Another approach is to connect a Tech 2, shift to Drive range and manually apply third gear with the Tech 2. If the engine stumbles and/or stalls, suspect the PWM solenoid.

Replace the PWM solenoid (item 334 in the 4T65E Technician’s Guide). The current part number is 24214974, and the Labor Operation Number is K6557.

IMPORTANT: Do not replace the valve body if all valves appear to operate freely.


figure 14