Boost Solenoid ByPass mod

Why even do it? Two reasons in my opinion. First and most important, does it hurt the engine, or help the engine? Its really there to relieve the NOISE of the supercharger... Striaght from Eaton's website > > Are superchargers noisy? The Eaton supercharger system incorporates a specially designed bypass valve, which is actuated by a vacuum motor near the throttle body and recalculates the supercharger air flow when boost is not required. During typical driving conditions, the engine is under boost around 5% of the time, which means the remaining 95% of the time the engine is under vacuum, allowing for better fuel economy and a quieter ride. In addition, the helix angled rotors, along with specially designed inlet and outlet port geometry, also reduce pressure variations resulting in a smooth discharge flow and a lower level of noise during operation. Careful attention to the techniques used in installing the supercharger also plays a major role in reducing the noise emitted by the supercharger.

So as you can see, removing the boost dumper will not harm the engine, and it most likely will make your engine have that sweet whine of the supercharger making boost all the time. Its not like the Turbo where the wastegate dumps harmful boost. The turbo is completely different in the way it charges the cylinders.

Another piece from Eaton website > What are the benefits of the Eaton supercharger? 1) Patented technology to reduce noise, 2) Proven manufacturing capability, 3) Packaging flexibility, i.e. reduced package size, 4) Self-contained lubrication, i.e. no external oil connections to the engine, 5) Bypass system used for unloading supercharger during idle and light load, resulting in better fuel economy and quiet operation, 6) Competitive pricing.

Again, noise reduction via the dumper and fuel economy.

Since I have installed over 12 applications of this engine in Fieros, and I removed the solenoid boost dumper, I can tell you that several still get 28MPG. SuperCharger whine is at a nice level for someone interested in this sound.


Here are pics of how to delete this.

Its a bolt run into the supercharger holding the flapper valve in the closed position. The flapper valve lever is facing the throttle body.

2nd reason is space. The thermostat housing I build would hit the dumper if I didnt remove it also.