Replacement for Displacement? We have all heard the old saying, " There's no replacement for displacement" in hot rodding. Well today there is. SuperChargers and Turbos are quickly becoming OEM equipment. V6 engines making 260HP @ 280 Ft Lbs torque. I think reading the below will show Eatons commitment to building performance and maintain economy.


The Replacement for Displacement




Integrated onto an existing engine, the Eaton Supercharger will increase torque across the entire engine operating range from 25 to 50 percent without compromising drivability or emissions.

Alternately, the Eaton Supercharger offers the vehicle manufacturer the option of using a smaller engine without perceived loss in power train performance. The unit's excellent ratio of air-flow capacity to package size is a plus in downsized or crowded engine compartments.




Proven quality


The Eaton Supercharger has been a featured component on production vehicles since 1989, and the technology continues to be improved through thousands of hours of air flow, noise and vibration, finite element, materials, tribological, and dynamometer and track testing. Inherent design simplicity, coupled with Eaton's Total Quality Manufacturing techniques, ensures that each Eaton Supercharger is delivered with the reliability and durability demanded by today's customers.




Ready response


Eaton product and manufacturing engineers are prepared and positioned to link with a customer worldwide to retrofit an Eaton Supercharger to an existing engine or integrate its technology into an advanced engine design.

Current customers using Eaton Superchargers

Buick GS

Buick Riviera

Buick Park Avenue Ultra

Pontiac Bonneville

Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

Oldsmobile LSS

Holden Commodore (Australia)

Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes SLK Roadster

Jaguar XJR

Aston Martin Vantage & DB7