About Nelson's MERA


Pontiac MERA - one of the 247 made by GM


Low Mount 3800 ALT!

Low mounts in stock today. Newest design has tension belt assembly, cleaned, and blasted. 

Nelson T of SC...

This is a very special Fiero. This is one of the 247 official MERA Fieros that GM had built before Ferrari sent the lawyer letter that of course said stop production of this vehicle.

1988 Pontiac Fiero with a 308 replicate kit from GM

5 Speed GETRAG transmission

Install started with a 2006 Series 3 3800 SuperCharged engine ( less than 14k miles )
VS CamShaft installed
Stage 2 InterCooler with many upgrades innovated at FastFieros
Ceramic coated exhaust
NorthStar Throttle body
85mm SLP MAF
ZZPerformance fuel rails
FastFieros returnless design fuel system
ZZPerformance MPS
Custom CAI
Lots of nice paint
Installed heat resistant aluminum foil insulation on firewall
Electronic Cruise Control
AeroForce Interceptor gauge
AutoMeter Live Boost/Vacuum gauge


Out with the old 2.8

Installing the VS camshaft ( very good street cam choice )

200 miles on the install 9-19-07
















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