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Low Mount 3800 ALT!

Low mounts in stock today. Newest design has tension belt assembly, cleaned, and blasted. 

Technical data is based on references from GM service manuals, practical application of verified experience, or other very reliable sources.

UPDATED 09-18-10

I have tried to compile some information helpful in 3800SC, EcoTec, LS1/LSx/Lxx installs, and general info on the Fiero, Sand Rails, Manta, Sterling, Porsche, and other Kit Cars.

More Engine Info updated on LLT V6 3.6L Camaro 2010 and Cadilliac CTS

More Transmission info updated with MYB RWD and MH9 tranverse 6T75

TPS Calibration on 3800's

L33 and LM7 Tech notes L33 Here   LM7 Here

GM new F40 MU9. This appears to be the first manual transmission starting to get closer to handling 300HP @ 300 Ft torque > Click this link <

New 2008 GM V6 2.8L turbo VVT

GM RECALL on 3800 based cars that can catch FIRE !!!!!!! > Click this link <

STUMBLE - HESITATION - POOR RUNNING - L67 3800 Supercharged engine diagnostics

Sensors and how they work on L67 3800 Supercharged engines

Testing the Fuel Pressure on L67 Supercharged engines. Proceedure and testing PSI results.

KNOCK Sensor L67 explained / General Knock sensor GM Tech document

Crank Position Sensor troubleshooting L67 3800 Supercharged engine

The 2007 6T70 and 6T75 is just an awesome transmission package in size !

The 2007 F40 changed from M6 bolt pattern to global 7 degree

4T65eHD explained all makes, all years, all models 1997-2007

Facts on the LS4 engine for 2007

Facts on the 4T65eHD transmissions for 2007

New V6 LP9 global engine for SAAB. Turbo V6 2.8L

New 6.2L all aluminum Gen4 engine for the Cadilliac SUV 405HP

Part numbers and descriptions of Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits released by GM

V8 RPO codes for the GEN3 and GEN4 Fiero applications

NEW > More EcoTec engine news for 2007 Turbo making 260HP

What was new in 2005 with the EcoTec. Lets look forward to 2006 updates

GM Racing Division Wins 11-08-05 with Cobalt SS making 387HP with NOS

EcoTec Stage 1 and 2 Upgrades are explained in this link based on testing of the Grand AM cup cars.

GM releases updated build project info for Ecotec 2.0L LSJ making 300HP FREE DOWNLOADS HERE

SEMA info on the EcoTec 2.0 Supercharged upgrade packages

Manual transmissions EXPLAINED with ratios Fiero and LSx

HOT info on Electric Power Steering for your Fiero

10.15.05 Facts on the 4T65eHD transmissions for 2006

11-19-05 Fact Sheet on 5.3L DoD Truck engine LH6 and LS4 engines

02.17.05 Fact Sheet on 4T65eHD transmissions for the 3800SC and 5.3 DoD engines

12.28.04 Fact Sheet started on the Grand Prix 5.3L Displacement on Demand engine

12.26.04 DOD explained from the GM service information software ----- DOD 5.3 V8 in GXP Grand Prix

12.26.04 DOD oil path and lifter operations ---  DOD 5.3 V8 GXP Grand Prix for 2005

CALIBRATION information on 3800SC PCM's

GM Passkey explained

Delphi Electronic Throttle Control

Power Modes for 2004 VCM's

88 Fiero online wiring

1988 RPO codes for Fiero and several other cars and trucks

MAP Sensors and how they work

Why the GMLAN

4T65E Transaxle Conditions (2003 models)

VPW Communication Protocol

Diagnostic Trouble Codes for OBDII

How GM Electronic Fuel Injection Works

The 4L60 vs the 4L65e transmissions

What 3800 fits your Fiero

Will the V6 throttle cable work on the 3800SC throttle body

What is a Happy Knob

Class 2 communication on the GMLAN

Boost Solenoid ByPass DELETE mod on Series II

Replacement for Displacement

Wheel Chart with lug sizes and offsets explained

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