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Low Mount 3800 ALT!

Low mounts in stock today. Newest design has tension belt assembly, cleaned, and blasted. 

Hello... About all I am trying to establish with this "engines sold" page is to give confidence that I have buy and sell alot of engines. I do alot of research to prove and engine, transmission, or any major part is as described to me, BEFORE I try to sell you this engine, transmission, or major part.

You can in fact do your own research, and if you have enough time and money to get the foundation resources, then you might save a few dollars sourcing your own engine, transmission, or other major part.

I use GM VIS to establish the VIN. All I need is the last 8 digits of the VIN which is 'most' of the time stamped on the engine, or transmission. Once I have the complete VIN, then I check the build of the car that the VIN belongs to. If someone is selling me a 2005 3800SC Series 3 from a Pontiac GTP with non-TAP, then I expect the VIN to be a 2005 Pontiac GTP without FR9 and the axle ratio of 2.93. From here, I go to Carfax.com ... I get Carfax about every 2 months or as needed every month, and since I have the complete VIN now, I run that on CarFax. If it comes up as a wrecked 2005 GTP in the same state that the engine and transmission are for sale, the mileage is at least very close, and no other red flags, then I have to assume the engine and transmission are as said to be. If something does not match, I don't care how good a deal it is, I don't buy it. I have never sold a bad engine to anyone.

Anything I buy for resale or in house TURNKEY installations is less than 30k miles unless other wise noted in some way. I do buy other engines and transmissions, but I fully disclose what the mileage is as advertised to me at the time of the buy. It is harder to check stuff coming from individual people because they usually do not have the VIN, and it is really hard to find the VIN on some engines, and it even does not exist on some also.

With that said, here is the engines sold pages... not very well documented I have to say... I have sold more, just to hard to keep track of..

Engines Sold 2004

Engines Sold 2005

Engines Sold 2006

Engines Sold 2007


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