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Low Mount 3800 ALT!

Low mounts in stock today. Newest design has tension belt assembly, cleaned, and blasted. 

Engines in stock
Updated 05-27-09

All you wanted to know about the L67 1997-2003 vs the L32 2004-2007 <Click Here>

More info on the 2005 L22_L36_L32_L67 < Click HERE >

INFO ON 2006 released .... READ it here from GM Media

MORE info released about the 2006 L32 VIN 4 engine

MORE info released about the 2007 L32 VIN 4 engine ( last year for the Supercharged engine )

3800 Series III Supercharged Production Engine
This high output supercharged V-6 Crate Engine (RPO L32)  features the following:
260 Horsepower @ 5400 RPM and 280 lb-ft @ 3600 RPM torque
Sequential  fuel injection
Bore is 96.52 mm and Stroke is 86.36 mm with 8.5:1 compression ratio
Iron Block, Iron Heads and Hydraulic roller design camshaft
This engine powers the Buick Park Avenue and Regal, Pontiac Bonneville and Grand Prix, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and Chevrolet Impala
This production engine includes:  exhaust manifolds, intake manifold, supercharger, injectors, fuel rail, balancer, water pump and flywheel

Technical Notes: When purchasing this part number from GM <
12499470 > Pulley, belt, p/s pump, a/c pump, starter, alternator and engine cover are not included with this engine



  • 3800 SuperCharged V6 Series III

  • Zero Miles

  • 4T65eHD transmission with F1 paddle shifter programming

  • New P04+ PCM

  • Wiring Harness

  • Updated M90 supercharger 10% increase in flow

  • Updated starter

  • Updated AC compressor

  • Updated PM rods  

  • Electronic Throttle Control throttle body (ETC)


SOLD in this configuration 12-08-03

I can change this engine over to a Series II. I have a brand new 2003 intake, and Series II M90 with 5k miles. I have all the small items needed to convert this engine to Series II. I also have Series II wiring harness and PCM. Engine (no transmission) converted complete and Series II ready for sale for $2500 shipped anywhere in lower 48 states.

These 2004 engines are NOT available today (08-15-04)

3800 V6 SuperCharged 0 miles - $CALL
Humm, nice 375 - 400HP supercharged whine in a Fiero

You can "buy horsepower, but you still drive torque". This engine makes nice torque.

Sold 10-25-03 See details here > http://www.fastfieros.com/carssold/88GTwhite3800/88GT5speed.htm

CURRENT ENGINES IN STOCK BELOW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2005 3800 SC GTP 15,560 miles

2006 3800 SC GTP 19,402 miles

2007 3800 SC GTP 5461 miles

Pic not available

2003 3800 SC Bonnieville 22k miles

2006 L33 5.3L V8 9k miles


Many 4T65eHD transmissions from 97-2006

Many 3800 wiring harness


Many Fiero wiring harness

LS1 from a 2002 Camaro ( 500 miles on GM refreshen up )

2002 LS1 from a Corvette ( 32,676 miles ) $3500


5.3 V8 LS4 DoD ( displacement on demand ) - $2000

  • From 2005 Pontiac GXP

  • 3689 miles when wrecked

  • Pulled 01.09.06

  • intake to oil pan, but intake is broken

  • $500 shipping

5.7 V8 LS1 from 2001 Corvette - $4000 pending for Fiero project

  • From 01 Vette

  • 32,??? miles when wrecked

  • Pulled 02.09.03

  • In house for install

  • Shipping is $500

5.7 V8 LS1 from 2001Corvette - $2500

  • From 01 Vette

  • 15,500 miles when removed to install a 427 devil ray at MTI

  • Pulled 03.09.06

  • Intake to oil pan only

  • Shipping is $500

5.7 V8 LS1 from 2002 Camaro - $5000 - possible pending project for Fiero install

  • From 02 Camaro

  • 500 miles since GM freshen up

  • Pulled 11.14.02

  • Not stock.

  • Cam Motion camshaft

  • RollMaster Double Roller chain

  • 241 heads with Patriot Gold duel springs, Titanium retainers

  • Comp Cams hardened push rods 7.4

  • Katech high volume oil pump

  • ARP rod bolts


3.4 V6 Pushrod motor NEW 2003 item - $See Pace Performance website. They purchased alot of these from GM.

3800 V6 NA motor 32k - $400

  • From 1994 Oldsmobile

  • 32??? when wrecked

  • Pulled sometime in 1996

3.3 V6 Pushrod motor 0 miles - $4400 installed to your Fiero

  • I build these motors

  • Comp Cam

  • GM performance springs

  • 3.1 crank

  • moly coated pistons

  • FelPro gaskets

  • Federal Mogul bearings

  • Melling Pump

  • (Not available until 6-30-03)

3.2 V6 Pushrod motor 0 miles - $4200 installed to your Fiero

  • I build these motors

  • Blue Racer CAM

  • Rebuilt heads

  • 3.1 crank

  • Coated pistons

  • FelPro gaskets

  • Federal Mogul bearings

  • Melling Pump

2.8 NEW GM shortblock engines now available 2003

  • GM built rotating assembly

  • Restoration and 100% ECM compatible

  • I also offer cams for this assembly installed

  • I also offer 3 piece gear and chain sets

  • $800 plus truck freight shipping

ECOTEC 2.0 SuperCharged engines at FastFieros.....

Details released in 2006 sometime...

Its about that time for the GEN III engines to take over the "typical" Fiero install of engines choice.

Read here about the new exciting 2005 news on LS1 LS2 LS4 LS6 < CLICK HERE >

So how is this going to happen in a transverse mounting environment. GM did it in 1999 with the Chevrolet Impala SS product line. See this story on the " Home Run Hero "  < CLICK HERE >

Now you have read about putting a LS1 in Impala from the above article. How will I accomplish this? It helps to start with the actual GM powertrain that you see in that Impala SS. Yes, you read that right. I have purchased one of 3 COMPLETE Impala SS transversely mounted LS1 on a 4T65eHD transmission. This powertrain is complete cradle to wiring harness. Pictures speak volumes of what is involved here...

This is the most awesome buy a hybrid installer could buy that likes transverse mounted engines. However, since I deal with Pontiac Fieros as my primary car of choice, its a rear wheel drive transverse mounting.. :)

Now, what could the icing on the cake be for this package. How about I managed to buy the transverse mounting components that make up the front end of this engine? Yes, I did in fact purchase 5 "kits" that make up the front end of this transverse mounting package.



2005 Vortec engine                                                                                2005 LS4 Grand Prix GXP engine


V8 NEW ZZ4 engines now available 2003

V8 NEW LS1 and LS6 engines now available


Engines I can build for you:

I can build any engine you like. 

  • 2.5 4 cylinder

  • 2.8 V6 (stock crank with 1mm piston)

  • 3.2 V6 (3.1 crank with 1mm piston)

  • 3.4 V6 (3.4 block, not the 2.8 block)

  • 3.8 V6 SuperCharged

  • V8's - Specializing in the LS1 and LS6

I use to build 2.5 engines that made 210HP and turned 7600RPM. Number of engines I have build over the years goes well over 200. Under custom engine installations for Fieros, there are well over 50 cars running all over the US today doing very well. How fast do you want to go? Call me for your FastFiero needs.

View GM PowerTrain site for details on "Stock" engines.

ENGINE HISTORY LOG: Updated some on 12-11-07

2004 ( I have found that tracking engines I sell is difficult )
2005 Still trying to keep track..
2006 Not trying very hard to track my engines
2007 Nope lost track
2008 Ok.. new year.. will try harder... Sorry, didnt keep up with my buys and sells
2009 Ok, new year again.. I will not try to hard to update this page however..

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